The Mbari Magazine

ISSUE III - 04/20

Portrait painting of a man
Art by Bara Sketchbook

ISSUE VII - 12/20

Art by Obodeh Azubuike Michael
Drawaing of a person surrounded with text

ISSUE VI - 09/20

Art by Esinulo Chiamaka Praisel
Painting of a woman with hair being pulled by several hands

ISSUE V - 08/20

Painting of a sitting man covering half of his face with his hand
Art by Adeboye Abiodun

ISSUE IV - 05/20

Illustration of a woman on a couch holding a phone and popcorn
Art by Jackie Charles-Etuk

ISSUE II - 03/20

Still of a woman form made out of ocean water from Breath of Water animation
Art by Njoku Uzochukwul

ISSUE I - 02/20

Portrait photograph of a woman sitting in a kitchen
Art by Ajay Abalaka

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