One Verse Wonders
JT Mole
Album cover One Verse Wonders

One Verse Wonders

JT Mole

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JT Mole

JT Mole's One Verse Wonders is a collage of especially chill vibes headlined by the instant smash hit single, “Different Ye”. The entire ensemble is perhaps the freshest sound the country has heard in the last six or seven years. From the hard-hitting bars of “Dope Waters”, through “Old Town” to “Live Long and Prosper”. The consistent theme in this fresh set of songs is difference. "I Iike to think that as a creative you should create how you want to create."

No pens were used in the making of this album 5-track album. No jokes, no gimmicks. "For me, once I feel it, I embrace it and for the most part it is about how I feel it and the moment in which I am present."

The work is poignant in its showing of JT's essence as an artist. Its conciseness is precisely what makes it special and like all great works of art the album does not take itself too seriously but swiftly and with a class of longevity, delivers on its message.

The album is available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play. 

Enjoy with great expectations!!!

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