issue III

April 2020

Mazi Nwonu

Dusk is playing a lullaby on the stained-glass windows of the catholic cathedral across the street from where I sit. I am pondering about life and death under the shadow of the blue and white tent that has served as home for my family for two weeks.

  • Fiction
  • Thriller
The Dealer
Jahnedu Ibekwelu

Ever heard this joke? It's quite popular. It goes like this:

"A barber just got arrested in my street for dealing drugs. I've been his customer for 10 years and I didn't know he was a barber."

Yes. That joke.

  • Fiction
  • Comedy

know silence.

Know when,

know how

to know when

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Knowledge Is Death
Toritse Ogbemi-Daibo

In the midst of the noise

It all settles like dust to the ground,

The clarity with which I'm embellished.

Drowned in my thoughts,

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Healing Looks Like Hope
Chiamaka Amaku

And bruise

And break

And hurt

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Cracked Porcelain

My sister, she’s our ada ada

The light of our family

A gem in every eye

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Memoirs of a Third World Millennial Vol.1
Chijioke Osuji

This book is a coming of age story, an immersive exploration of a young writer's journey to find his voice in the Third World while navigating the unending swarms of distraction, hormones and angst that the 21st century throws at him.

  • Audiobook
  • Memoir
Who Will Remind Us?
Heather Njoku

The world is on its back. Celebrities are monks, nerds are superheroes and pastors are conspiracy theorists.

  • Nonfiction
  • Memoir
Maybe There Are No Good Men
Temitope Ogunniran

Maybe there are no good men. Maybe they're all trash. I'm kidding- I know good men exist. Just like I know that they’re in the minority. You know how I know? Because I am a woman, and women know. Hell, men (as much as most of you won't openly admit) know.

  • Nonfiction
visual arts
Untitled Painting Collection
Bara Sketchbook
  • Painting

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