issue II

March 2020

Number 577961
Nze Sylva Ifedigbo

The harmattan came that morning, throwing a blanket over the sun and filling nostrils with the smell of Christmas coming. The daytime darkness it caused was unnerving to the people of Eko.

  • Fiction
  • Comedy
Aishat Abiri

Two weeks post-NYSC, Sogie gets a job offer with a start-up NGO. It is 2015, her candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, has just won the presidential elections;

  • Fiction
  • Drama
Second Son
Grim Hunny

There may be no mention of your name

no legacy to impregnate with grandeur over drinks;

the mythos of your being lies underneath the lid of a marble box with what is left of you

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
A Nap in November
Seun Osho

In the humid warmth, 

the smells of the city 

are carried by airless breeze

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Ketchup on Everything
  • Music
  • Rhythm and Blues
Breath of Water
Njoku Uzochukwu
  • Animation

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