issue vii

December 2020

Leo Masciarelli
"Plain tribes have settled nearby. Too close for the taste of the council. No, no, this called for a raid. For the first time, she is part of it. She knows if she succeeds, she will earn her woman's name."
  • Fiction
Once Upon A War: 1967
Amarachi Onuh
"The earth trembled and the bodies of men in army green uniform littering the ground shook. Many of the bodies were missing their legs, hands and some parts of their faces had peeled off. Their numbers depleted as the bloody heap of fallen soldiers increased;"
  • Fiction
Tailor Swift
Lynda Rubi Binos
"Jimoh acquired his name by being the fastest working apprentice at Oga Segun’s tailoring shop. Not only were his hands incredibly fast, but his brain also worked like Usain Bolt’s legs."
  • Fiction
Love in a Time of Peril (An Excerpt From the Novel)
Joshua Okwuosa
"Augustus was bemused. He opened his door around two o'clock at night after being awakened by a loud noise. At first, he believed it to be a dream, but the noise was too deafening to be from his subconscious, it had to be his reality."
  • Fiction
Individual vs Community
Reginald R.C. Ofodile

"Among my race, it’s sounded like a gong
‘One cannot be right, and society, wrong.’"

  • Poetry
Yesterday, Today, Tommorow
Okolo Chinua

"Yesterday births today with a smile,
The leaves turn towards heaven in joy"

  • Poetry
Why We End Sars
Priscilla Keshiro

"My friend is my foe.
I make a mental note to raise my hands whenever he calls."

  • Poetry
Amarachukwu Nnoli

"The Man and Woman living in my parents' room always sneak up on me.
The first time I kissed my best friend;"

  • Poetry
We Are Tired
Oresanya Olupelumi

"We are tired, of it all.
We are tired of the harassment."

  • Poetry

"We slid along the seam of sunset’s pouch,
you bred with me a silly reverie,"

  • Poetry
My Nigerian Week
Ohuche Mercy Kalu
  • Nonfiction
spoken word
Modern Ancient x Sonic Villa 3377
Osi Otsemobor
  • Spoken Word
Visual arts
David Kovic
Ajay Abalaka
  • Photography
Cover Girls
Nnebuife Kwubei
  • Photography
Obodeh Azubuike Michael
  • Drawing

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