issue vI

September 2020

Thursday, January 24th
Zipamo Akanyo

Sometimes, I wish they all knew that I’d saved the world, that “we” had saved the world. I don’t wish it to be vain, I don’t think I am vain. I mean to make such a statement with a hundred percent certainty would be a paradox, wouldn’t it?

  • Fiction
The Doppelganger
Thirikwa Nyingi

When I drove into the school compound in my beat-up grey Datsun that chilly and wet Monday morning I had little idea what awaited me in that venerated public institution. I brought the car to a slow stop under the mighty oak tree where I usually parked it.

  • Fiction
Money Wife
Ufuoma Bakporhe

My mama always tell me say I go make good wife for the man whey go marry me. I believe her. My mama never tell me lie. I be first daughter and second child. My papa too tell me say he will marry me to fine man.

  • Fiction
One Bad Turn
Sayo Juba

All thirty-three passengers on the bus were strangely quiet, no one talked about how hot the weather was or the recent increase in the fuel price, no one even talked about the new virus that was spreading fast.

  • Fiction
Dusty Memories
Priscilla Keshiro

I carefully unpacked a section of my bookshelf to get behind it. I have, over the years collected books on various topics and qualities,

  • Fiction
The Silent Breath of Trees
Okolo Chinua

I watch from behind my seat as Mrs.Okogbuo goes on and again about the essence of X and Y and I wonder why people bother so much about innocent alphabets.

  • Fiction
Great Heights and Plunging Falls
Precious Emmanuel

Today, I find forgiveness. I am at the cemetery, staring at the marble headstone with 'Tolulope Titiloye Akanni, 1982-2015' engraved on it. It is the first time I've visited – the first time I've been able to visit – since Tolu died.

  • Fiction
We're Only Children
Bukky Richards

I started screaming.

Suddenly I blinked and I was in front of a mirror, still brushing my hair (I really shouldn't have settled for low-quality weave). I sighed and walked into my room to get my iPad.

  • Fiction
Things to Do Days Before Christmas
Amarachukwu Nnoli

The only time of the year you received gifts was Christmas. These gifts were not preempted by “I will buy you *insert something expensive you don’t like* if you pass your exams at the top of your class.”

  • Fiction
Happy Together
Suly Lily

I remember the weight of her head on my right shoulder as I stared ahead. My mind in a haze, sleepy yet alert and aware, eyes lit up by the orange lights of the cars in the street.

  • Fiction
Driving Lauren Bacall
Jaki McCarrick

Jimmy Fahey wasn’t my best friend in London, that was Pat from Cork. Nor did he keep in touch once I followed my wife back to Ireland, though he promised he would. But he was the most memorable of my London friends;

  • Fiction
Car Ride on Monday
Oseyomo Abiebhode

The smile she holds on her lips is like mashed red pepper, it begins to get uncomfortable after a while.

  • Fiction
Damilola iyiola

Shola searched through the top drawer again. She ran her fingers through the underwear on the left side of the drawer where she knew Shade kept it. She looked through the second drawer, then the third. Still not finding it, she took a steadying breath.

  • Fiction
Dear Ẹniọlá
Odemakin Taiwo Hassan

ọmọ kìí bápèlé ìyá rẹ̀ kó ṣaṣo ró

       a child doesn't see her mother's footprints only to derail from them

  • Poetry
If Life Were a Poem
Favour Chukwuemeka

No one told us

or compelled us to read,

yet we would sit

  • Poetry
The Scribe

Breeze blows over the ocean; gently, softly.

The waves shudder in response, gently,

  • Poetry
When I Wear My Father’s Skin
Salman Fawaz Adewale

I discover my shoulder is not too broad

to shudder life's tumor

  • Poetry
Esther Ogina


been in a rush


Got me insane

  • Poetry
Mother, We Have Come
Okereke Favour

Mother, we have come

To pay obeisance to the gods left behind

  • Poetry
A Song as an Elixir for the Ache That Trolls Me at Night
Adesina Ajala

Tonight, a song grows from the tip of my tongue.

Sweet like an aubade on the heartstrings of new lovers.

  • Poetry
The 9-5 Creative
Adora Ajuzie

I always thought that being a creative will feel like being in La La land, actually, I didn’t just think, I knew it because I started my career in some fantasy world.

  • Nonfiction
visual arts
LiverWort (confidence), Yellow Lily (Falsehood Gaiety) 1
Bardi Tosobuafo Matilda
  • Drawing
  • Mixed media
Untitled Mixed Media Collection
Olumide Omololu

Cost of Freedom (1), 2020

Acrylic and paper on canvas

25.5 x 25.5 cm

  • Painting
  • Mixed media
Everyday People
Chijioke Osuji
  • Photography
Christopher Eilenbalulu
  • Drawing
Chidinma Ogba Ifeatu
  • Drawing
The Inevitable I (Black Allegory)
Ajegbomogun Damilola
  • Painting
Victor Olaoluwa Ogundeji
  • Mixed-Media
Power Tussle
Esinulo Chiamaka Praise
  • Painting
Orinya Gloria
  • Painting
The Secret Admirer
Charles Osaro
  • Painting

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