When I Wear My Father’s Skin
Salman Fawaz Adewale
Illustration of tree roots or nerves

When I Wear My Father’s Skin

Salman Fawaz Adewale

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  • Poetry
Narrated by

I discover my shoulder is not too broad

to shudder life's tumor

& my eyes become pages of sad songs

with broken lyrics

as I pick up his boots & carve his map on my palm.

I am too naive for this road of strangling struggles

when I change my name to his & wear his shadow coat.

I am now like a boy who doesn't know the path homeward;

hounding astray in disastrous dismay.

--I become a lord of household weeping to a ragged moon.

It's sad what my father's shadow breeds

--a heavy night that darkens my light

& darkens my desires

night that tackles with a thunderous dirge.

My father's skin keeps drowning me

like a storm of a deep sea

& I keep falling into it's labyrinth depths.

I now know why some boys went and never returned

why some fathers left from their homes

& found another place to call their own

I now know why...

when I wear my father's skin.

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Salman Fawaz Adewale

Salman Fawaz Adewale, fondly called Prince Guy,  is a young multi-talented writer and poet of eminent pedigree, speaker, realist and law student hailing from the South Western part of Nigeria, Ejigbo, Osun state. He has been awarded for his poems by national and international poetry groups and platforms and many of his works have been published in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere. He is one of the founding members of International African Writers Association.

Instagram: prince_guy_official

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