issue v

August 2020

Beans Without Korkor? A National Tragedy
Ekow Manuar

Dawn in Dzorwulu was always a dazzling affair. The orange hue from the horizon reflected on its many high-rises a transcendent cool of colours.

  • Fiction
Luh Denebola
Aida Oluwagbemiga

The star second in brightness in the constellation of Leo is known as Denebola. ... Betelgeuse’s 'giant’s shoulder,' the giant being Orion; Denebola is 'lion’s tail.'

  • Fiction
Mark of a Man
Reginald R.C. Ofodile

‘You’re a big boy,’ declared Gbenga, gesturing at Izu’s sitting room. ‘You can’t deny who you are.’ The group of friends chuckled. Izu silently accepted Gbenga’s acclaim.

  • Fiction
Storm Clouds
Daibo II

Usually I stay calm when a storm brews

I indulge so little in emotion to keep my thoughts much clearer than the clouds that form before me.

  • Poetry
Franklin Wordsmith


we return to our fractured shells, 

wilted, deflated

like balloons, bursting. 

  • Poetry
The Sound of Silence
Ele Apeh

The one called loneliness

Has found new names

The TV crackles, the leaves cackle, the car horns bark

  • Poetry
Bithiah and Aaron Behave
Ovye ft. Bithiah Adams
  • Music
  • Alternative
  • Music
  • Rhythm and Blues
How to Lose Friends and Destroy Your Future in Nigeria
Chijioke Osuji

On Monday morning once you use the ATM close to your house, be smart, save the environment, and save that keke or bike money. Take a walk and feel the pulse of your city.

  • Nonfiction
visual arts
Untitled Painting Collection
Adeboye Abiodun
  • Painting

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