issue Iv

May 2020

The Man From Mountain Hausa
Chukwudi Okoh

Dawn broke with cries. It wasn't unusual. Yet I sat up on my bed and listened to ascertain where it rang from. The undulating cries resonating from half a mile away distorted the peace the mid-night rain had brought.

  • Fiction
The Stories We Tell
Ekow Manuar

Charlene Aduma stood in Dariah, her younger sister's, living room with her hands clasped behind her back and her eyes staring at a picture of her and her sister some 20 years ago.

  • Fiction
Love for Me
Stephanie Odili

Winston had a habit of waking me up without words. Two mornings ago, I awoke to the aroma of mid-toasted bread with corned beef and fried eggs. It was enough sensation for my brain, and in no time I was awake. Yesterday morning, it was the curtains.

  • Fiction
Cherish the Day
Blessing Tarfa

These events span through the length of a Sade song on repeat. She is dotting us on to cherish the day.

I am recalling the memories from a day I should cherish.

  • Fiction
All These Boys
Anthonia Okokon

My first boyfriend wasn’t mine. He belonged to my best friend. When he was with her, I passed the time in chat rooms, telling men I was naked beneath the covers while they defended their lust by telling me I was mature for a kid my age.

  • Fiction
When It Rains, It Pours
Stella Inabo

A bucket of water tips from the open window, its ochre contents emptying on the man in white shorts.

  • Fiction
A Mother’s Challenge
Reginald Ofodile
  • Fiction
A Template on Detoxification
Chukwufumnanya Okeleke-Kooper

Wake up. Or don’t. If dreaming is what you need, please see to it that it is done. If reality is where you want to be, see to it that you are awake. Let your feet touch the cold floor. A second sign you are alive. Sing a song when you are in the shower.

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Aerial Surveillance
Solomon Oladipupo

(And One Million Boys came...)

the helicopter dances in the air

àkàrà balls fry in a pan

  • Poetry
Untitled 001
Seun Osho

I don’t skate, it excites and scares me

I shouldn’t break bones for sport

My mama fi go break some more

  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Untitled Dance and Song
Demilade Olowojeunjeje
  • Music
Untitled Playlist
Damola Iyiola
  • Music
  • Alternative
No, I Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Myself
Temitope Ogunniran

Not too long ago, and by that I mean last year, I wrote this here article on envy/jealousy. I spoke, with a somewhat accusatory tone, wrapping myself in the defense of also putting myself and my experiences and actions of envy, on blast.

  • Nonfiction
A Flag Is Just a Flag
Chijioke Osuji

Free societies in their truest sense are rare. Most places across the world have not known such an arrangement for as long as we have actively recorded history. So it is easy to assume that it has never been.

  • Nonfiction
Beneath My Beautiful
Martha Razi

Today, I got an order totally mixed up. It was better than yesterday, though. Yesterday, I couldn’t even bear to talk to a customer, I had all work lines on flight mode and so, business was unofficially closed. It was a really bad day.

  • Nonfiction
  • Memoir
visual arts
The Everywoman
Jackie Charles-Etuk
  • Illustration

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