The Everywoman
Jackie Charles-Etuk
Illustration of a woman relaxing with remote and popcorn

The Everywoman

Jackie Charles-Etuk

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Illustration of a woman cooking
Illustration of a woman sitting on a couch with popcorn and a remote
Illustration of a woman laying down reading
Illustration of a woman sitting down crosslegged looking out of a window
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Jackie Charles-Etuk

Jackie is a multi-hyphenated wandering spirit. She was born and raised in Nigeria, schooled and worked in the US and is now living in France. She is a self-taught illustrator who draws inspiration from black women everywhere and their quotidien. Her passion for illustration stemmed from being obsessed with fashion illustrations from a really young age but not feeling that there were enough representations of black women in them. She strives to represent simple, modern black women doing everyday things, not subject to any particular lens of representation. Her girls are neither supermodels dressed in haute couture, nor regally decorated Nubian queens. They are you, your sister or your cousin. Right now. Eating popcorn on the couch.

@jvcquelinefaith, @jackiexstudio,

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