Untitled 001
Seun Osho
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Untitled 001

Seun Osho

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  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Narrated by

I don’t skate, it excites and scares me

I shouldn’t break bones for sport

My mama fi go break some more

Used to play street ball,

wrestled a man or two;

but I no too sabi,

Last last, no be every black man fi be Ali

Pencils, pens & brushes, that’s my forté

A man has been a sloth, quite unfortunate

Cheers to hunger and thirst

Discomfort gives innovation birth

Ja ara e

Butty ni mi, ma lo gawk e

Etiquette mi wa premium,

5 stars! Mafo!

Still I’m formidable in the bush,

And well known in the streets,

I pray for the artisans

“Graffiti on the wall, on the skin

It’s all the same

God is Mario Puzzo,

Chinua Achebe is the Messiah.

We do not bide by mortal rules

If you’re reading this, the world is yours,


She said I don’t belong here,

I asked her “Who does?”

We’re all surviving as best as we can

925ers are hyenas in this concrete jungle,

Laughing, cringing at my fits,

Aired invoices,

Watered down peace.

I caught them on the gram,

They was dubbing my fits

Endangered species l’ómò,

Olopa, steady poaching

It’s fuck everyone out here,

Rude boy, look sharp;

Na only your mama love you.

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Seun Osho

Seun Osho is a writer and creative entrepreneur from Abuja, Nigeria. He is a writer, majorly of poetry and short stories, a stylist, freelance editor and the creative director of both his fashion brand and another online lifestyle project called Underbridge. Seun has recently moved to Lagos seeking new challenges and a change of scenery from his home city, Abuja.

You can find some of his writings here; Theparakeetshow, Underbridge.

Personal blogs on Wordpress and Medium. He's on Twitter and Instagram @theseunosho

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