It Ain’t Easy Being a Blackman
Kyle Smith The Maniacal Menace

It Ain’t Easy Being a Blackman

Kyle Smith The Maniacal Menace

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Kyle Smith The Maniacal Menace

The loud mouth, metaphysical, far from typical, delightfully charming, observational, story based, insightfully shocking, high paced energetic stylings of Kyle Smith, aka The Maniacal Menace. New Orleans born and raised. An 8-year comic, influenced by Dane Cook, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Louis Ck, Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope just to name a few. Electrician by day and entertainer by night, a member of many groups, such as Young Funny, Metal Hand of God (M.H.O.G.). Ran a weekly and still ongoing open mic every Tuesday "The Spontaneous Show"(with young funny), with his first special, "The Inquisitors Observations: Comedy Poetry", he is consistently active, in many fields of entertainment, including poetry and also honing his skills in acting, improvisation, and sketch comedy with the ever-improving dynamite of a guy, the hilarious powerhouse himself Kyle Smith.

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YouTube: Maniacal Menace Comedy

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