Who Will Remind Us?
Heather Njoku
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Who Will Remind Us?

Heather Njoku

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The world is on its back. Celebrities are monks, nerds are superheroes and pastors are conspiracy theorists. All my friends are online and there is more than enough content on Netflix and Youtube, but not enough certainty in the assurance of a new day and what will be. My mother is convinced that the rapture is at hand. Will she survive this? My boss is not saying anything. Will my job survive this? How much longer do I have to be home alone? I hate eating by myself.

The news makes things worse than they are and it is easy to forget that not everyone has Facebook and Twitter.

It is easy to be afraid. It is right to be afraid.

Scientists say we are chronicling in real-time, the sixth mass extinction event of life on earth. In 100 years, half of all the species alive today might be gone and man might not make it.

Some people say it is okay and we should relax because this has happened before. But why should I take solace in the knowledge that 400,000 Nigerians died from Influenza 100 years ago?

Who will the 400,000 be this time? Who will remind us in the next 100 years that this had happened to us?

Heather Njoku

Heather Njoku is a writer from Nigeria. They are currently working on a novel.

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