Chiamaka Amaku
Blue and white tie dye


Chiamaka Amaku

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Narrated by

A lonely girl sits in front of her apartment, weeping

The caterpillar transforms into a butterfly

Another heart, miles away, breaking

Glasses clink, a toast

The war was born today

Candle procession, black linen

An entire village, now a memory

Turning on the hot water


Getting stung by biting

Cold showers

Lokoja, Nigeria

A flutter of waves beat through the moonlit night

Lovers slip in and out of each other's skin,


Cold hands slid down your pants on a public bus

Warm blood, leaving crimson on the seats

A lonely girl stood by the microwave and wept

She put the cake in with the foil wrapping

"I love you forever", words

Spoken so freely without discourse

"There's love in every corner, you just have to untie your blindfold and look"


You are only alive because god willed you to be

Who would have thought?

Was I consulted before he wrote his will?

"There's peace that transcends heartbreak, the one that heals you


"Never call me again"

Did you not know foil paper caught fire in microwaves?

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Chiamaka Amaku

Charmy Chiamaka Amaku is an entrepreneur, content creator, communications strategist, and occasional poet. She is currently the Communications Manager for Ake Festival. She is very passionate about women’s rights and gender equality, and loves reading and sharing recommendations. When she isn’t drinking tea, curating photographs and creative content, she is savouring music and art.

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