Memoirs of a Third World Millennial Vol.1
Chijioke Osuji
Audiobook cover

Memoirs of a Third World Millennial Vol.1

Chijioke Osuji

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This book is a coming of age story, an immersive exploration of a young writer's journey to find his voice in the Third World while navigating the unending swarms of distraction, hormones and angst that the 21st century throws at him. The personal stories in this debut memoir present Osuji as a voice unafraid to be vulnerable and opinionated.

"Powerful, absorbing work."

- Reginald Ofodile  Author of 'From Sin to Splendour' , Winner of Association of Nigerian Author's Prize 2015

Includes the following essays:

  - Egbutu Mma 

  - Market Day 

  - Twelve   

  - Porn and Prejudice

  - Your God is Too Small  

  - The Big Reveal 

  - Whatever You Do, Don't Grow Up 

  - No Writer to Speak of 

  - Ex Libris

  - No Poor Allowed

  - A Near Perfect Day

  - Your Legends Never Die

Chijioke Osuji

Chijioke Osuji was born in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria in 1993. His formative years were spent in the cities of Aba, Owerri and Abuja. He studied Law at the University of Abuja, whilst developing his writing and graduated in 2018.

In addition to creative writing, he is a filmmaker, researcher, entrepreneur, and committed advocate for environmental issues. He strives for the empowerment and promotion of rural industries. He is a co-founder of Mbari, an online platform for creative young Africans.

Chijioke functions as a host of the Abuja Literary Society and lives with his family in Abuja.

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