Knowledge Is Death
Toritse Ogbemi-Daibo
Illustration of smoke or fog

Knowledge Is Death

Toritse Ogbemi-Daibo

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In the midst of the noise

It all settles like dust to the ground,

The clarity with which I'm embellished.

Drowned in my thoughts,

I swim in the knowledge of my flaws,

Knowing full well my shortcomings will haunt me.

And when the torment begins 

there is no sight of serene,

It's so difficult to see

In the misty cloud of my pain

When next I will be free.

Such a bind I find my mind,

Locked and sealed with no hope of a key

To unlock the gates to set me free.

This common theme I'm set to repeat

An endless loss to mind and countless loss to defeat.

There is no silver lining here

No happy ending anywhere

The dark gets brighter in darkness

The lights I see serve only to blind me

My only hope is that I will never be more hopeless

Mindful games and mindless aims. Sinful pains and deceitful gains.

These are the clouds that rain in my mind, continuously pressuring my bind. 

In the shadows of darkness I hide,

I shall be seen by no one.

Not till the darkness is not visible to the eyes of the blind and the light ceases to blind my eyes.

The knowledge brought me to bondage.

The light took me to darkness.

My shame is made known to me.

My fear is brought to life.

As sin brought death, knowledge brought sin

So the knowledge of my sins has become the death of me.

Toritse Ogbemi-Daibo

Toritse can be found on Instagram

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