The Sound of Silence
Ele Apeh
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The Sound of Silence

Ele Apeh

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  • Poetry
Narrated by

The one called loneliness

Has found new names

The TV crackles, the leaves cackle, the car horns bark

The voice of a man that had not spoken to her in months

He was soaking his pillow with water and salt

The hallway heaves, the Cathedral Sighs

He was running from the rhythms of his soul

Claiming that music left him in the middle of his hope

Women divorce their husbands

Boys grow hearts between their legs

She uncoiled her hand from the grasp of his lies

Breaking slowly until she found God

Mansions bow down, butters flood bodies

Holding the lantern to the truth

She opened her mouth to silence the war

Fingers clasp, chords rise in proportionate rings

He lines his heart with the sounds of the universe

Pauses his heartbeat until he hears her

In the quietness of the noon day heat.

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Ele Apeh

Ele Apeh is a lawyer and writer based in Abuja. She is currently working on her poetry collection.

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