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know silence.

Know when,

know how

to know when

the wrong things want to be said.

Know your neck

itches when

your unwell-

ness rears its

head for hot air men like us breathe.

Mine does,

my father's did,

so has yours

since birth,

through your many rebirths.


Ovye is a 24-year-old indie Kaduna-bred music artist that experiments with soul music. He seeks to glorify the mundane. His artistic influences include Hugh Masakela, Samthing Soweto, Lindsey Abudei and Leonard Cohen.

Ovye’s music is unpublished and his discography includes one EP(Ketchup On Everything) and three singles (Daddy Issues, A Gathering and Bithiah and Aaron Behave).

As part of Abuja Art Week organized by Hezekina Pollutina Ltd, Ovye took part in the music workshop/residency at Naija Tech Creatives Meetup #002 held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Instagram: @awe_et_v

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