A Nap in November
Seun Osho
Illustration of a city at night

A Nap in November

Seun Osho

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  • Poetry
  • Free Verse
Narrated by

In the humid warmth, 

the smells of the city 

are carried by airless breeze

all was still, concrete and trees.

Under sunny skies

in sweat damp skin, 

tears ran down my face.

Yawn, dawg downward face.

Seductively, the heat lured me to elope. 

A losing battle affirmed, 

yawn after yawn,

heat caressed my chin as a breeze.

Come hither.

She beckoned me to the edge, 

A spirit? A woman? My mind?

It didn’t matter, it was cerebral utopia. 

I feel a nudge, but stay in sleep.

I feel myself fall suddenly, gently. 

Sounds of a failed government fade.

The mosquitoes’ lullabies grow distant.


Landing softly in an abyss; Alas a light breeze whispered “Welcome to Lagos,

It’s your first day here?”. As though life was a terra culture production, and this was the first scene closing.

Seun Osho

Seun Osho is a writer and creative entrepreneur from Abuja, Nigeria. He is a writer, majorly of poetry and short stories, a stylist, freelance editor and the creative director of both his fashion brand and another online lifestyle project called Underbridge. Seun has recently moved to Lagos seeking new challenges and a change of scenery from his home city, Abuja.

You can find some of his writings here; Theparakeetshow, Underbridge.

Personal blogs on Wordpress and Medium. He's on Twitter and Instagram @theseunosho

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