September 2020

Breeze blows over the ocean; gently, softly.

The waves shudder in response, gently,

Softly; the aftermath bare on its surface.

You hover above me,

Your essence blowing over me, gently;

Softly, you calm me like the ocean breeze.

You are the sun to my sea shore,

Shining down in all your glory.

Bright, yet gentle,

Soft; you shine…warm.

Your hands hold me, your heartbeat soothes my soul,

My body blends into yours, limbs all tangled up.

Gently, softly, we become one.

Get going girl.

Have you had enough?

Are you not entertained?

Do you want more?

No, your time is up.

Get going girl!

You’ve had the night long cuddles. 

You got good morning and farewell kisses.

You’ve had your “I love you”s

And now you are through.

Get going girl!

You’ve fought. 

You’ve made up. 

You’ve kissed and made love.

But...there's a but!

Get going, girl. 

You want it all and more

With him; you think you’re sure. 

But, are you?

Nothing else to

Get going, girl.

Thing is, you do love him.

You are enough, sometimes, with him. 

You can see a future, with him.

So is it really time to leave?

Get going? Girl?

Do you want to?

Do you think you can?

Do you even know how to get going, girl?